Casey_Sullivan_new_cropCasey Sullivan is best described as a dedicated, dependable, and responsible mortgage consultant. Casey skillfully assists his clients with their financing needs to help them achieve their dreams.

He has a caring and competent team who show up to work every day to enthusiastically provide the support he needs to give world class service to his clients.
Casey believes that you can tell what a person stands for by clearly understanding the principles that they operate their business by. He also believes his clients deserve the best possible consultant, negotiator, and overseer of the transactional details representing them at all times.

One of the things you’ll love is that he will invest the time necessary to discover what’s important to you, which means you’ll make decisions based on the goals you want to achieve and the problems you want to solve.

Casey believes everyone deserves to completely understand their mortgage financing options and that one size does not fit all when it comes to mortgages. Nor does it apply when it comes to mortgage lenders. We are not all made the same and we are not all equal.

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6 Great Reasons to Trust Casey Sullivan with Your Mortgage:

He Truly Represents Your Interest
Casey recognizes that every borrower is unique and has specific needs and goals. Because he has access to literally hundreds of different loan programs and loan approval criteria, he customizes the loan program to meet your needs. If you have a unique borrowing situation, Casey has probably dealt with it or something similar in the past. You can depend on Casey’s experience and knowledge to get your loan approved.

He is Actively Involved with Your Loan from Application to Closing
Most loan officers spend 70% of their time looking for new business. After they have taken your loan application, they move on to the next transaction. Casey does not abandon you after the loan application, but instead takes a very proactive role in the processing of your loan with his team. He is always accessible to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

He is an Upfront Mortgage Consultant
He is committed to serving his clients openly and honestly. This means that he discloses all of his fees and compensation to his clients in writing. There is more to getting the best home loan than rates and fees, but it starts there. His clients get the benefit of his inside knowledge of the mortgage industry to acquire the best financing package available.

He has a Long List of Satisfied Clients
Casey will provide you with an extensive list of references and encourages you to ask for the same from any other lender you are considering using. For most people, purchasing a home is the single largest investment they will ever make. References will tell you a lot about the person you are trusting with this investment.

He Attends His Local Purchase Closings
Your closing is the culmination of weeks and months of hard work, and yet very few loan officers even bother to attend. You have probably heard horror stories about borrowers showing up at closing to find out their interest rate or closing costs were much higher than originally quoted. Casey is accountable to you and will be at your closing (unless there is a rare scheduling or location conflict) to ensure your satisfaction. Casey believes your closing is not the place for “surprises”, unless, of course, they are pleasant ones.

His Business Is Based On Referrals
Since most of Casey’s business comes from referrals, he does not have to spend the time or advertising dollars (costs of which gets passed on to the consumer) searching for new clients. He spends the majority of his time concentrating on what is most important– fast, hassle-free loan approvals for you and his other clients. By exceeding your expectations, he can be confident of your satisfaction and subsequent referrals. His long-term success depends on your desire to tell family, friends, and business associates about him.

His goal is to become… “Your Personal Mortgage Consultant…for Life!”

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