Apply Online

Thank you for choosing to apply for a mortgage loan with The Sullivan Team at Summit Funding.

The ‘apply online’ option allows you to provide some data to us for an initial review.  The online process does not cover all of our questions and it does not request any supporting documents like pay stubs, bank statements, W-2s, etc.


STEP 1:  Please click this link to start the online process.   APPLY ONLINE

STEP 2: Once you complete the short application, we will be notified.  We’ll review your information and then send out a request, through the same system, for the documents that you’ll want to start collecting.


COMMON DOCUMENTS:  For a list of common documentation that may be requested during the loan process click here.

PHONE APPLICATION:  Should you prefer to have us take your application on the phone (about 10 minutes), please call us at 925-395-4212 or schedule time by clicking here: Schedule a Phone or In-Person Meeting (online scheduler)

Questions or Concerns?
Please contact us at 925-395-4212/510-473-8850 or

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