Getting Started

We look forward to helping you with your mortgage financing needs.  You will find that our hands-on style will help streamline the process as well as give you all the details about your available loan options.

**To Start the Process on-line, click HERE**

Documents/Items Needed:

  • Please complete the mini-application form (Mini Application Purchase or Mini-Application Refinance).
  • Most recent 2 paystubs
  • Most recent 2 years’ worth of W-2s, 1099s, and complete Federal income tax returns with form 1040 plus all applicable schedules (State return is not needed)
  • Most recent 2 months’ worth of statements (all pages) for checking, savings, investments, and retirement accounts.  Please explain and document any deposits into your accounts that are not direct deposits or transfers between accounts.
  • Recent mortgage statement(s), homeowner’s insurance declaration page showing your annual premium and policy expiration date, and HOA statement (if applicable) for ALL real estate that you currently own.
  • If you receive a large bonus that might be need for qualification purposes, please provide a two-year history of the bonus amount.  Also, please confirm if you believe that your employer will confirm the likelihood of continuance or at least eligibility to receive it in the future.
  • If any of the following items apply to you, please contact us so that we can tell you what else we need: Are self-employed, own >25% of a partnership or corporation, earn commission, pay child/spousal support, have a recent credit issue (bankruptcy, short sale, foreclosure, etc.), own rental/investment property, or have recent deposits of ‘new’ money (payroll not included) into your accounts.

You can fax them to our team’s private fax at (925) 955-9550, scan & email them to us, mail them in, drop them off, or contact us for access to a secure web portal where you can upload your documents.

Every individual and every loan is unique. So, from time to time there may be other information needed from you during the loan process. We ask that you be proactive in helping us obtain that information to help ensure your expectations are met.

Once we get these documents from you, we will review them and start our analysis.  We will then contact you to discuss the results and schedule a time to review them.

If you need any clarification, please feel free to call us at (925) 395-4212/(510) 473-8850 or email us at  We are here to help!

Best regards,
Casey & The Sullivan Team at Summit Funding

P.S. If you drop them off, please view our Tips to Find Us

P.P.S. Do you want to meet up or talk on the phone?  Click to Schedule a Phone or In-Person Meeting (online scheduler)

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