Script: How’s Business?

With the current market shift, now is a great time to make sure our dialogue and communication is top notch.    A favorite coaching lesson from Joe Stumpf is around the age old question that you and I have been asked hundreds of times (and will be asked hundreds more) …

How’s Business?”

Many answer it with something like:  “It’s great.”  “I’m really busy.”  “I’ve got a full weekend of open homes.”

Answers like that tell people that we are successful and that we don’t need them or their help.  We are also telling them that we are busy and that we don’t have time for them.  I’m sure that’s the exact opposite of what we want to say!

How about something like this instead “Bob, things are going well (pause) because we put in great systems to serve our clients and the people we refer us.  And it’s real important that you know I always have time for you, your friends, your family and co-workers who have a need for my services.”

There’re many other ways to answer it well.  Here’s a different spin on it, “Bob, things are going really well.  Thanks for asking.  We have a large inventory of homes for sale in the $1.1M to $1.5M price range and shortage of supply & a big demand for the homes in the $750K to $1.1M range.  Bob, I was wondering, can you think of anyone right now who owns a home in the price range, (pause) who might want to talk about selling?  It could be the best time ever for them to sell that house and move into a larger, more spacious home.”   Change the prices to match your market or even change it to looking for buyers vs. sellers.

Make your answer fit you and what you are looking for right now.  Don’t let the “How’s Business” opportunity get away.

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